Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The rest of the gang

For all my interstate and overseas compadres, here's the rest of my footwear posse currently on display at 'Shoe Show'.

'Chinoiserie' - Japanese brocade fabric and leather, machine knitted socks, customised chinese pendants.

'Tron' - My retro homage to the 1982 movie 'Tron'. Kid leather illustrated by my good buddy Sync, stitched onto blue patent, finished off with a classic wedge sole.

The thing that freaked me out so much about these is that the top-stitched pieces are not symmetrical. It was quite liberating to jigsaw the bits all into place, in a random but organised way.

The original 'Fiesta'. Lavish gold leather with crocheted cotton flowers, Swarovski crystals, and scalloped pink sole.

This version has an internal platform, which I left out of my silver ones, but I wish I had swapped them over as mine are too high for me!

'Shoe Show' is on until the 28th of November at Craft Victoria.

Listening to: Commodores - Brick House
1977, check out Mr Richie on saxophone!


Lady Rockstitch said...

Fantastic. Your work is amazing. Being in Adelaide I was truly missing out!

Sky said...

I love the Tron boots! Great work!


shoes as always brilliant
taste in music as always right up my alley
please tell me you've seen "Thank God it's Friday"... it's genius, and not just for the sensational Commodores cameo appearances.
beck x

Anonymous said...

Miss Emma -your mind is amazing!
Looking at these shoes makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. From the futuristic yet retro to the fine details of oriental glory and beyond.. Your creations know no boundaries!