Saturday, November 7, 2009

Daisy Chain

I have been a demographers' puzzle lately, sitting on the couch crocheting rather pretty things whilst watching The Wire. Well I'm breaking up the intense viewing with a bit of 30 Rock Season Three, which is so damn funny, but anyway, my inner girliness is embodied in these new necklaces.

They are currently residing at etsy HQ and Craft Victoria, among many other fine items of handmade splendour. Seriously folks, if you're in Melbourne, a visit to 31 Flinders Lane is a must.

Listening to: Tito Puente on Sesame Street He got Oscar out of his trash can and dancing!


pen said...

oh pretty!
how's the crocheter's rsi?

Paul Overton said...

Emma - Love these and I LOVE The Wire! Having just begun my crochet journey, I'm especially appreciative of great looking things like this. Thanks!

Kate said...

I love these and the crochet flower shoes in the last post too. Love a bit of inner girlie. Might have to visit Craft Victoria on our very quick trip tonight. So happy to have found your gorgeous blog. Love Kate (Daylesford Organics)