Thursday, November 19, 2009

Robo finito

Finished these last night, sanding the soles whilst very hot and sweaty.

On second thoughts I would make them again, they are really cute and I can't help but smile when I look at them! Leo likes them but didn't wear them today, he said they are too good to wear to kinder and that he'll wear them tomorrow. It'll probably be raining and time for serious boots. Alas, the whims of a child.

This weather is my least favourite to make shoes in, too many little bits of leather dust settling in my elbow creases, the sanding machine throws out a bit of detritus too, so after finishing these I looked a bit like a miner with black sooty dust on my face.

All in a day's work. What shits you about your job in this weather?


pen said...

this weather is the thing that shits me!
can't work, can't relax
so very much a cold weather girl

paula said...

oh emma, really, could i legitimately comment about what shits me about working in this weather?! yippee! i do love to complain. oh, hang on, i don't have 'work'. shit. that shits me... quite nice to have a little bit of written swearing though. pleasing.

Evie said...

i love green shoes! these robot sandals are pretty cool, i love that they were too good for kindi too.
last weekend i popped in to craft vic and saw some of your other work - amazing! great exhibition. it was good to be able to get up closer after seeing photos of some pieces.