Monday, November 30, 2009


Yes, onto my favourite visual spectacle, the spectrum. I'm working on a whole bunch of new belts at the moment, which actually doesn't feel like work, I love making them that much! It is kind of weird to be sitting in the studio playing with itty bitty pieces of paper, aka stamps, I tend to feel a bit guilty and wonder when the real work is going to start, the dusty, stinky, sweaty side of things that seems 'real' but yet so arduous.

Anyway some of these are destined for Cottage Industry, some for the Craft Vic Christmas Hatch market on Dec 19th, and some for fine folk who have ordered them as presents for their beloveds.

Buttonmania's selection of plastic clasps and buckles from last weeks' sale. I brought home a huge haul of silver buckles, over a kilo!

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