Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Now that Leo and I have returned from our SA sojourn, I have to get some housekeeping done.

So here is your formal notification that I will be at this Saturday's Craft Hatch fancy pants market at the State Library. Woohoo, apparently the Experimedia venue is a stone-walled courtyard within the library complex, ground floor to the right, click on Experimedia up there to get a floor plan of the grand library.

You can also click on the fine print above, to render the details appropriate size for human eyes.

The market is cash only, opposite Melb Central, so no excuse for not being near an ATM, there will be a whole bunch of amazing makers and doers there, and if you have been coveting a Postage Belt, and I know that you have, they will be available on the day at a tasty price.

Enough of the embarrassing talk of $$, come and say hello, I'm the one peddling colourful leather goods, with a half sleeve tattoo and a big round belly.

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