Thursday, December 17, 2009

My cherie amour

We recently found out that my tummy is home to a baby girl. Sam was so impressed, beaming and squeezing my shoulder as I lay there on the ultrasound lounge with goo on my guts, Leo was non-plussed, he has been calling her a she since the very beginning, meanwhile I was shocked, stunned, and to be honest rather daunted.

For some reason I convinced myself that we were having another boy, and this was a relief to me, knowing what to do with little blokes, having all the clothes packed away, all the toys etc. No drama, more of the same, the only hard part would be the name, as we really don't have many boy's names that we fancy.

But holy crap, we're having a girl, and now I feel like I have to pull my socks up somehow to be a good role model for her. And the poor lamb will one day get her period and maybe have babies. Ow!

And what if she's a girly girl, loves pink and fairy wings and tutus? I have no experience of that, I've always been in navy blue, with leather patches on the knees of my overalls, but I guess she is who she is, and the day to day getting to know her will ease me into it. Please tell me that's how it goes!

So here are our recent ultrasound photos, her profile in the first one, and then the soles of her feet and her little toes. I am really looking forward to meeting her, seeing if/how she looks like her brother, and of course, making her some special shoes, and putting hairclips in her tresses, and maybe she will like all the teddy bears I still have from my childhood........and we have some great girl's names!

Listening to: Stevie Wonder - Isn't She Lovely?


pen said...

I do love that feet one
too perfect

Paul Overton said...

Congratulations Emma! I'm sure you'll be great.

Esther said...

I love the feet shot, never got any extras like that for mine. Lucky you a little girl in my family it's boys as far as you can see and it would be lovely to have a girl too!

Kelley said...

Congratulations! Its never the same between kids, even if you have 2 boys or 2 girls. She will probably be like her wonderfully creative mother. Maybe she'll build even more Lego castles than Leo! good luck, love the feet, they are waiting for really cool shoes!

Lexi:: PottyMouthMama said...

Seriously exciting. I remember having an ultrasound, and I thought I saw the tiny little apricot, but thought no no, as if I would know. Noah always thought it was a girl too.

I then convinced myself it was a boy, et voila, I birthed a girl, what a wonderful surprise. So much fun! Once you have that wee babe in your arms, all that anxiety will pass, pink or no pink, she will be your sweet milky babe. Congratulations!

Unknown said...

Thanks for all your responses, I am actually glad we found the gender out early, as I think that finding out on her birth-day would render me speechless for a week!
I love being able to refer to her as 'she', and day by day I am feeling like we're already getting to know each other a bit more.
I think she's a firebrand too; a lot of capoeira kicks already!

Sarah W Bask said...

What amazing photo's. I am due to have my own little girl tomorrow morning and agree that finding out the gender of the baby has made journey through pregnancy much more enjoyable.

Best of luck with everything!

Sarah xx