Friday, January 29, 2010


Here's a lovely lass in the window of Cottage Industry, modelling an astoundingly beautiful ensemble, including a belt of mine featuring 1960's Queen Liz stamps. I wish it was a maternity outfit, but alas, I'll have to dream for now.....

What I really wanted to say was 'yeehar' for retailers who merchandise things well. I have been vexed by this issue over the years, as some of my stock is in stores on consignment. It has been frustrating to see my wares gather dust on the same old shelf, forgotten about, expected to sell themselves from such a disadvantaged position.

Even on consignment, stock should be displayed to both its best advantage, and the store's; after all if it sells, both parties make money, right? I understand that consignment often has advantages, and that not all retailers are in the position to buy stock outright.

Some retailers run purely on consignment, such as Craft Vic, and I am proud to stock with them as I know that the displays are changed weekly, in fact over Xmas I know that Craft Vic were changing displays daily. It all helps, aren't we meant to have short attention spans? Oh look, the shop has been rearranged, hey I never noticed that doodad last time I was here!

Good merchandising is a must for any store, and when I see it done well, particularly using my wares, I am whooping it up in the street! Gold star to you Pene, you made my week!

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pen said...

I love that I can see your hands reflected in the window.