Sunday, January 31, 2010

On my bedside table - Accessori

This 300-page hefty, glossy mag has been on my bedside table for a month or so now. It's Collezioni Accessori, direct from Italy, and is a real treat reference-wise. I'm not a slave to high fashion, but I do like to see what accessories are coming out of these design houses, often they (and the accessory designers) are the unsung heroes of a 'look'.

My favourite pages have been well marked and here are a few to share.

Jasper Conran - you can't always have function preceding form, these are so beautiful!

The Notorious Alexander McQueen - a lot has been said about his new 'lobster' shoes. I'm not sure exactly what I think, they sure are innovative and the variety of surface decoration is interesting, but ultimately I feel that they are not so flattering. I'm wondering if the wearer's foot is positioned like a ballerina on pointe, with a platform and heel? If that's the case then ouch.

Love the neckpiece in the top row, and the alligator armour corset thingy in the middle row on the right.

Wunderkind - love the use of Toile de Jouy prints, my fave three colours, red, white and blue, and the ruffle neckpiece bottom left. There's a lot of hard vs soft here, which seems to work.

Unique - the colours are not so great but the lattice work is mighty fine. Interesting to note that the rest of this look was a sportswear theme.

Mr Galliano - I do love sandals with socks, and this pearl-stacked heel is simple but effective. Love the ankle strap detail too.

I think that I am distilling my ethos somewhat when it comes to what I enjoy and want to produce, and I can sum it up by saying 'accessories as sculpture' is where I'm headed. I have so many strange sketches and ideas that seem so far removed from the commercial world, but I really feel drawn to exploring that area.

Looks like I'll have to get that day job after all - anyone need a proofreader?

Listening to: The Meters - Pungee from 1969

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