Thursday, February 25, 2010

Insert Coin Here

Leo and I have been involved in creating work for a great project run by Nella and Kim from Craft Vic. Titled 'Insert Coin Here', over 60 artist/designer/creative types were commissioned to make 10 'fashion objects' to fit into capsules for 2 gorgeous old-school-red-spiral-action vending machines.

Here are my trinkets, the Carnivale Keychains, made of leather tassles, wooden beads and nickel hardware.

Capsules awaiting their innards, it was quite an assembly line filling them all.

Leo said that the finished capsules look like baby alligators ready to hatch from an egg!

The show is a travelling feast, beginning at Craft Vic next week:
Mon 1 March - Sat 6 March Craft Victoria: 31 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
Tue 8 March - Sat 13 March Captains of Industry: Level 1, 2 Somerset Place, Melbourne (off Little Bourke Street)
Sun 14 March - Sun 21 March (Fashion Week) Alice Euphemia: Shop 6, Cathedral Arcade, 37 Swanston Street, Melbourne
Mon 22 March - Wed 31 March The Thousands Shop: Level 6, Curtin House, 252 Swanston Street, Melbourne

There will be a launch party held on the 12th, I'll let you know about that in the next week.
So get your $2 coins ready people, there are over 600 capsules to be had!
Have a look at the project blog for sneak peeks at other folks' work.

Listening to : M.I.A. - Bingo Leo's favourite song of late, he requests that it be turned up LOUD in the car


Kate said...

Brilliant! I love the whole concept and your baby alligators are so ace!
Me and my sister dressed up for an Earthcore many eons ago as Chuppa Chup fairies. We wore plastic jar backpacks full of them and fairy gear and t'shirts that said 'insert coin!' I met Bren that night. he was scared of us!

Sandra Eterovic said...

Ha! That is SUCH a cool idea.

Emma, I have tagged you on my blog. Please don't feel any pressure to play, but it would be lovely if you could.

All the best for the big job ahead!!!

Beck said...

woo hoo!
I just scored one of your key rings Emma, well chuffed and exactly what I needed.
Mind you I am still quite jealous that Carmel managed to get one of Leo's excellent neckpieces with her first gumball.

Unknown said...

Geezers, this vending machine concept is taking off!

Kate, your story has had me amused for days, it's so funny, and I love that you met your man there.

Sandra, I have it on my list to play along, and I even think that I will borrow your excellent theme, permission granted of course!

And Beck, good score! Glad to hear that the booty is bountiful, I wanna see Carmel rocking that 'necklace of bits', as Leo calls it.