Tuesday, February 23, 2010

NSW Leather

All these beauties are sheep hides, new and exciting at my favourite leather supplier, NSW Leather 107 Sackville St in Collingwood.

Most of these hides have been finished a bit thicker than the usual sheep skins, which can be rather thin and fragile, but beautifully soft. These new hides have a lot more body, and are more robust, here's hoping that they will make good shoe uppers, as the selection of colours and finishes is too good to be true.

I saw them last week when I went in for some kid leather, I deliberately didn't buy any of these new ones, but I thought about them all weekend and succumbed early Monday morn. The decision of what to buy was limited to my favourite colours: a beautiful red, patent/pull-up navy, soft, downy dark navy, and a fabulous Eurotrash silvery reptile print, mmmmmm. I discreetly laid my cheek on some of them as they are so peachy, I would like pillows made from them.

The colours are divine, the price is amazing at $2.89 per square foot, and I urge you all to go and drool over them metaphorically.


Christiane said...

holy moley they look beautiful! i didnt realise there was another place besides lefflers in melbs that offers good leather. will definatly take a look next time i am in the city!

Unknown said...

Christiane you absolutely must visit them, they are such lovely folks, so helpful and with a lot of beautiful hides. I shop at Leffler for other things, but NSW Leather will always have my business for hides, they are just too good!

pen said...

Marisa rang me a couple of weeks ago to go down and have a look- I popped in, got all flustered and 'I should only buy what I'm going to use straight away' and walked out!!
now I want more leather! again!