Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My day

I am such a fan of birthdays, poor Sam is still getting used to my love of fanfare, trumpets, banners, cake, presents, flowers and general hoo ha.

So yesterday was meine geburtstag, and this is how things rolled.

Cake for breakfast, fruit tarts are the cake du jour for me. Leo also approves, especially for breakfast before kinder.

My random stamp friend Karen in Ontario, Canada sent another lot to my post office box, that's a present in itself! Karen works at Carleton University in the International applications office I think, anyways she sends me stamps a few times a year and they are always from countries which are under-represented in my collection. This installment includes Ghana, Kenya, Brazil, Hawaii, and of course a few from Canada.

My sister knows me too well, she brought Lindor balls over for afternoon tea. Did you know that there is a Lindt shop in Collins St? Me neither. Did you know that the brown ones are peanut butter, the blue ones cookies and cream? Me neither, though we are well acquainted now. Methinks Lindt are trying to crack the American market with these new versions. Good luck to them!

To be honest I have been a bit unwell, Leo has handily shared his virus with me and it feels like a cross between hayfever and tonsilitis. It's such a rip off to have these symptoms during 35 degree heat.

So much of yesterday was spent on the couch watching the cricket (pathetic effort from the Windies, I know), blowing my nose and finishing my crocheted cushion cover, using some cones of metallic yarn from the Yarn Barn. I realise that instead of making 9 squares per side, I could have just made one grande square per side. Next time.

Finally finished last night while watching Mr McCloud on his Grand Tour. Sam and I travelled to Venice and Florence years ago, and seeing Mr McCloud revisit those amazing buildings reaffirmed my love of Renaissance art and architecture. Many thanks to Mr Caskey who was my art teacher in high school.

I also managed to squeeze in delicious scones at Paula's for morning tea, phalaenopsis orchids from Mum, Tito Puente from Sam, but I really missed my Leo who was out all day, he knows how to celebrate and without him it felt a bit quiet.

Listening to: Tito Puente, his daughter Millie, and the Poncho Sanchez Orchestra


Paul Overton said...

Happy Birthday, Emma!

Mainichi said...

Happy birthday Em! I was loving KM and his Grand Tour, there was alot of reminiscing and sighing going on here whilst he toured Firenze and Toscano. xx

Unknown said...

Hey thanks folks!
Paul I wish we had some of your weather,
Dearne I am so with you on the reminiscing, oh to travel to Italy again......

Kitty said...

Happy birthday fellow Aquarian! (I'm the 7th)
Our wee man is due on the 12th too, at least that's what the doctor thinks. The ultrasound lady is controversial & saying the 16th. So somewhere around then I guess.
The whole pregnancy thing is quite an amazing experience, if not a little overwhelming for a 1st timer.
All the best for your last 8 weeks.
I'll race you to the finish line.
Take care
Kitty x