Sunday, March 14, 2010

Golden Hands indeed

Sometimes getting stuck into a brand new project gives the best form of instant satisfaction. I've been looking through my collection of Golden Hands books for some crochet inspiration, and stumbled upon a pattern for cushions/softies that we absolutely had to tackle ASAP.

Mostly I'm only in the studio when Leo's at Kinder, but here was a project we could do together, and what Mum doesn't feel righteous when she's providing her kid with a bit of joy? I really loved having his 'help' during this project, he actually had his foot on the pedal of the domestic sewing machine for a lot of this, as I am a bit out of action, more on that later.

Pinning the pattern onto the felt. You can see the open book in the background. I love the 70s aesthetic, which survived till the finished product. J'adore. Mum always said that I should have been born in the 50s, so that I could really immerse myself in the 70s, I always seem to gravitate towards things of that era.

The original cushions are made of hessian and lined in calico, which is way too much effort for me. Plus they are filled with 'kapok', can someone tell me what the bejeezus this is? I'm guessing it's a natural fibre of some sort that would perhaps poke through the hessian, hence the overkill of the lining.

Stuffing Fishy with help from Chas. The boys really enjoyed this, in fact Leo was only really interested in this part, everything else was a prelude.

Admiring our stitching.

Finished cushions up on the top bunk.

Painting their portraits. Bless.

So there you have it, a bit of kid crafting, done in a few days, easy peasy and the boy is chuffed.


Kirsty said...

Oh Em you poor thing! Hoping the Little Miss hangs in.

Mainichi said...

Em they look gorgeous! I love Leo's portrait painting too! Keep that foot on ice, ouch. Dxx