Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Guildford Lane Gallery

Last week, while buying hides at NSW Leather, Marisa said to me, "Oh I saw the sketches of your shoes at Guildford Lane Gallery". My response was, "Please explain?" And so Leo and I ended up at GLG on Friday, having a look around at a bunch of great shows.

Here are my cherished Printemps, in a sketch titled 'Well Heeled', with other footwear illustrations including April Phillips, Balmain, and Mr Christian Louboutin.

This particular show is 'On the Street... Patsyfox' by Angie Rehe.
Here's the blurb which I blatantly stole from the GLG site.

'The Patsyfox blog, an illustrated account of people and things as seen through the eyes of illustrator Angie Réhe, celebrates its first birthday with an exhibition of illustrations from throughout the year. Spot the illustrated locals alongside visitors such as The Sartorialist, and read some of the accompanying anecdotes.'

Some more of Angie's work.

You should visit the Patsyfox blog, it's rather funny and there are oodles of fab illustrations.

Oh, and downstairs there is a great show of work from clever folk who were selected to submit designs to Otto and Spike, a fabulous Brunswick knitwear label. Mi dispiace, I can't remember who the author of this work is, but it was my fave. Ahoy there indeed!

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