Monday, March 8, 2010

On my bedside table

I love a bit of bling. This book is a comprehensive guide to all things costume jewellery, including historical information, designer profiles, buyers' tips and price guides. I am not particularly in the market to buy, but this book has given me great inspiration over the years.

I delve into it from time to time to look at colour combinations, shape and symmetry of designs, or to get a sense of size and scale.

Love love love this Florenza piece, many of the works in this book also tap into my interest in Royal Regalia.

Often I find myself at The Bead Company stocking up on findings and beads, or at Koodak trying to find the right chain, but I do get a bit overwhelmed with the array, and end up spending too much on things which may not be entirely what I'm looking for. Please tell me that happens to you too!

In truth my bedside table only just fits this one, as I am all stocked up on pregnancy and small baby books. It feels like I'm cramming for a test of sorts, ask me a question - I'm sure I know the answer!

Listening to: Wayne Shorter - House of Jade

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