Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Chocolate banana cake which Leo and I made yesterday. I have already eaten nearly half of it!

Pot of Lady Grey in my new $4 op-shop tea pot, which fits the cosy I bought ages ago. Unfortunately my work day was interrupted by many trips to the loo - not entirely productive.

Rainy view from my sewing machine. I cannot tell you how lovely this autumnal weather is, I have been looking forward to it for so long. The heat has affected my shoe size considerably, I cannot fit into any of my handmade shoes, which makes me so sad, I am schlepping about in my Birki clogs/sandals - ENOUGH!

I fell over yesterday and landed on my crappy hand/wrist, so no shoemaking for me this week, it's just too darn sore. Instead I'm stitching 8 new belts, including this classic Queens spectrum.....

.....and also this metallic navy with a spectrum of international flowers - it's a beauty.

To be honest I've lost my mojo, I have been hit with a huge wall of tiredness and my grump factor has gone off the charts. My guess is that the Little Miss is using up all my iron; I feel so depleted, and am moving a bit like a sloth who has eaten a whole watermelon.

35 weeks today, I've been getting heaps of those pesky Braxton Hicks contractions, which are a bit alarming actually. Sometimes I time them, just to have an idea of what's going on - who knows when this child will decide that she's ready.

In a strange way I feel like I'm bidding farewell to parts of my life: the ability to get some work done, the full nights of sleep, and the independence of my 5 year old chap. I hope that I can still keep in touch with you all when the Little Miss is here, it's inevitable that I will be getting cabin fever this winter, such is the schedule of sleeping and feeding for little ones. I hope that I can remember how to breastfeed!

Listening to: Alicia Keys and Jay Z - Empire State of Mind Turn it up!


pen said...

eat more cake to soak up the tea!
hope your wrist is getting better.

Beck said...

emma, you'll be fine, no in fact you'll be brilliant!
at least this time you know what to expect - although granted there is no way to be prepared for the lack of sleep and two hourly breastfeeds that a newborn little lady will bring you.
thinking of you and wishing you well -
now just go ahead and eat the rest of the cake!!!

beci said...

you will be fine! i had ari when tyke was 4, and i found it awesome for everyone. jump from 1 to 2 definitely has tricky bits but 2nd baby is sooooooo much easier. you will love it!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for your words Ladies, and for the encouragement to eat more cake (not that I need any!)