Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Slow Craft

Things are happening, albeit very slowly.

It feels like such an achievement to just do the dishes, so getting belts made is a bonus!
My studio is in our backyard, uninsulated, ie too cold for Hazel, so I've been crafting at the kitchen table in crappy incandescent light, but with the heater on.

I really miss the studio, did manage to get out there for 10 mins today, but I'm mostly doing other things for now. At the moment Hazel is fairly portable, and will sleep anywhere, with any noise, but she prefers to sleep on me, so crafting is difficult to accomplish, being a mostly two handed pursuit.

My baby sling has proven to be invaluable, it's the only time I get to crochet, I am actually having crochet withdrawal; twitchy fingers, longing glances at my crochet bag, thoughts of things to make banking up in my head, it's trés frustrating. Doesn't help that I have been visiting Attic24, she's all about the colourful crochet, in abundance, and with two kids and a young baby I don't know how she pulls it off.

I'm also having a blog crisis, I started this blog with the idea that it was all about shoemaking and related crafting, but here I am not able to really make progress in that department. I have held out for so long against being a mummy blogger (not that there's anything wrong with that), and am reluctant to make this space all about teething and sleep routines, but it just happens to be my world right now, so there will be a bit of that creeping in. Sorry!


Christiane said...

haha thats ok, I follow you because i like you, not just your work! Hope you have a good day!

Steve said...

Hey Emma, We've been having a similar crisis over at our blog, no shoemaking news = no blog content! Dont stress about posting whatever is happening in your life though, you're a shoemaker mum not just a shoemaking reporter. We like to read whatever it is you have to tell...

Beck said...

Ah Emma a dilemma I know only too well! You know it's actually reassuring to hear that other people with babies suffer crafting/making/studio withdrawl, and were all happy just to hear your voice (so to speak) so please fell free to tell us whatever you feel like - were all ears!!!

Unknown said...

Awww thanks Geezers!