Saturday, June 5, 2010

Five Faves

I am planting my second lot now, in total I have about 50 cloves in. There's nothing better than fresh garlic, I've also planted brown onions and broad beans. Each of these crops are no-brainers in our yard of low maintenance.

Victoria Mason
I can't wear long earrings for a while, at least until Hazel has stopped grabbing fistfuls of everything. So Victoria's Apple a Day stud earrings are the perfect thing for lobe adornment. Easy peasy ordering and delivery at Vic's webshop.

Going Postal
I have always been a letter-writer, and it seems that there is a growing nostalgia for the hand written and posted variety of communication. It may not be instant, but it's full of charm and thought. Resurrecting this past-time is Ms Zeitgeist herself, Pip, who has a helluva postal project going on. Do join in!
I also received another stash of international stamps from Carleton Uni in Ottawa, thanks Karen. Even Leo is getting in on the act, his Dragon Hoodie arrived in the post this week, fresh from Paul and Paula kids clothing.

Visits from Granny
The gang is back together every time my Mum visits from Adelaide. Hazel is getting to know her Granny, as there is loads of cuddle time, although her eyes follow me around the room, it's ultra-flattering to be reminded that I am Hazel's everything.

Getting things done
Finally Helen has her Tango shoes, I finished them yesterday and can now cross them off my list! Hurrah, I love making shoes, but as it takes so damn long I get a bit sick of them by the end, and really love getting them out of my studio.

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