Monday, May 31, 2010


Leo found a scooter in hard rubbish. We got some new grips for it and he's off, learning how to balance. We go for walks with Hazel in the sling, she has a snooze and we take in all the sights. It's good to live slow sometimes, checking out gardens, houses, clouds and the 'fresh country air' as Leo says.

Lovely autumn colour in Clifton Hill. Luminous.

Hazel sucking her fists, at Williamstown beach. We always go to this beach in summer, but had a day there last week, the whole place was deserted and it really recharged my batteries. Love that interface of land, sky and sea.

Listening to: A Tribe Called Quest - Excursions


Kitty said...

Lovely. I do miss walking the streets around that area, I used to live in Fitzroy north.
I love Leo's 'country air' line, too cute.
Hazel looks like she's coming along well. Chubby cheeks & hands are my favourite thing at the moment.
Hope you're well.
Have a lovely week x

Kate said...

What a shame you don't live near us. We spend a few hours most days after school at the skate park with our scooters, well their scooters and my crochet. I'd even happily cuddle Hazel so you could crochet.

Jo (sparkly green knickers) said...

What glorious weather for scooting and beach combing! (I adore the beach in winter!)

Running Thread said...

Ahhhh ... living slow. Thanks for reminding me about taking my foot off the pedal and coasting for a while. Enjoy.