Wednesday, July 14, 2010

From Paula

My pal Paula recently got back from Vietnam and Bali, and these were brought back for me! She knows me too well, I have sorted many stamps at her place, so these are a real treat. The Vietnamese stamps tend to be rather large, and when I use them in a belt they end up getting cropped, but I think these ones are a bit too spesh to use!

Loving the goldfish, I have always had goldfish in the house, in fact, when I was six I won two fish in a colouring in competition and they lived for 14 years!! Their names were Nipper and Pluto. We have a couple of goldfish now, but one of them lost all her colour, and now she is silvery. Hazel watches them from her bassinette as she gently drifts off to sleep.

Speaking of the wee girl, she is currently learning how to sleep on her own. I have been a rather attached parent for three months now, and simply cannot carry her around all the time! So at the moment while she is sleeping (fingers crossed), Leo and I have been playing the Star Wars Lego game on the computer. We are stuck on one level that we can never make it through. I do all the movement of Anakin, and Leo does the jumping and lightsabering, it gets a bit hectic!

I tried to take advantage of the fact that Hazie was asleep, we played over and over, and really gave those droids what for, but in the frenzy we kept making mistakes and reading the advice of, 'much have you to learn, young one'. Up yours Yoda, we deserve to make it to the next level!

Listening to: Heard 'Em Say - Kanye West


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