Thursday, August 5, 2010

Still here

Hello all, so glad to see you again, it's been a busy time here. I have missed le blog, but some days there is just no time to do it justice, I like a bit of quality not quantity.

Obviously we have been to the Art Fair, indeed we have been held hostage by art recently, but are now breaking free and having more time in the schedule for other things - it's all about balance, y'know?

Hazie Dazie is nearly 4 months, and is a sweetheart, at her last weigh in she had grown 7 cm longer, damn, no wonder those grow suits have been stretched to the max! I have managed (post Masterchef) to get her into bed in the evenings, and am ekeing out a tiny but oh-so-delicious bit of me time, how I have missed it.

So during this winter spent so close to home we have been eating and eating, sourdough by the tonne, Family Assorted biscuits, apple and rhubarb crumble, but I have decided to take the plunge and learn to bake my own bread.

My first couple of forays have been a bit dense, methinks the yeast really does prefer a warm spot to rise best, I am determined to persevere, and am thinking of doing some classes at the Abbotsford Convent bakery.

Have also been consuming yoghurt in vast quantities, and am making that in my EasiYo thermos, anything with Yo in the name has got to be good.

To balance all the eating I have entered into my first run since before Hazel, it's only 4km, but I am really looking forward to it, spending that time on my own and listening to the old iShuffle.

Reading the 6th book in the 44 Scotland Street series by the extra-prolific Alexander McCall Smith, also devouring the latest Dumbo Feather of course.

Listening to A Tribe Called Quest and getting excited about seeing them next Thursday at Festy Hall.

Drinking cups and cups of Lady Grey, walking around the wintry streets spying magnolias, daphne, hebe, prunus, hellebore, spring is not far away.

Great to give you the update, now the Little Miss is awake and demanding attention, see you again soon! xxx


Kitty said...

Lovely to hear all that you've been up too.
The little miss is just gorgeous!
I'd love to do that course at the bakery, how much fun would it be.
How good is the easiyo too. I make a few batches a week, the Samuel loves it.
Have an ace weekend.

Paul & Paula said...

Good luck with the bread Emma! I gave up ! Starter turn out fine but I'm definitely too impatient for the whole kneading and letting it rise bit!
Hazel is beautiful and all eyes.

Petra said...

Love your blog! I yearn to make my own shoes!

Hint with the bread... cut back on your yeast and put the dough in a cool spot to rise for a day. I had the hardest time making bread until I stopped waiting for it. For more info Google 'slow rise bread'.

Unknown said...

Thanks Petra, great advice, the waiting sure is hard!