Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Frustrated, Irritated

Seems like this 40 mins while Hazel sleeps should be put to better use than typing, maybe doing dishes, cleaning up, hanging with Leo, doing some work on recent projects. BAH! - 40 mins is not enough to do much around here, except catch my breath and prepare for the next 2 hrs while she is up. (NOTE: She actually only slept for 27 mins, I am crushed!)

No doubt the girl child is ruling the roost lately, this attachment parenting gig is exhausting, and I have resorted to reading Gina Ford books found at the oppy and wondering if the 'routine' she describes would really work around here....I have read everything from Pinky to Gina and am a bit overwhelmed. Damn the frequent night-waking!

My kids are learning how to throw a REAL tantrum, courtesy of Mother here, I have been losing it a bit lately and doing a bit of yelling and ranting and other acts of random silliness, I passed a school fete the other day and there was a plate smashing booth, might install one at home....

I might also ban my Google Reader, clean it out and not bother, as it has been an exercise in
a) how to trawl through at rapid speed without reading anything, barely glancing at the pics, just so that it is emptied for the day,

b) how to become frustrated at all the creativity and genius that I am now unable to participate in; damn all you clever people!

However, when the kidlets are finally down for the night (or a portion thereof) I do have a project on the go for Xmas......

And I am getting good at turning this....

...into this. Rye sourdough starter baked with spelt flour. Easy peasy, I make 2 loaves at a time and give one away.

Am back into the running though, it is the perfect anti-depressant, and I have discovered that running to talk radio is much easier than running to music. No attempting to match a tempo, no obsessively compiling the 'perfect' mix, and no need to visualise oneself as Rocky in a montage of greatness. Just casual jogging to weather reports, political commentary and general chit-chat.

Just so that you don't go and call DOCS to visit my house, there are smiles too, and gorgeous moments like this, a girl and her rusk in the spring sunshine. If only rusks and cardboard were foods recommended for babies, she much prefers them to rice cereal, pear, apple and carrot.

Listening to: Meshell Ndegeocello - If That's Your Boyfriend LOUD!


Little Paper Trees said...

Well I say good on you for the bread baking skills alone, not to mention the energy and motivation for the run (its more than I’ve done all week!).

Janine said...

I think a plate smashing booth is a brilliant idea... I'd like one of those too.
And I'm with Jaclyn, finding the energy to run and bake bread is impressive enough!
The creative time will return... in the meantime, sending you a shoulder rub.

Anna Bartlett said...

Well done getting back into running. I'm at home with two, incredibly frustrated while simultaneously trying to 'enjoy every minute as it passes so quickly', and still the size of a house. Geez! Some days I do scream. Usually while hanging out another load of washing.

Oh, now she's woken up. 49 mins. Great.

Unknown said...

Thanks folks, glad to have your company in these trying times!