Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thankyou Mr Fluevog

I have to get my shoemaking fix somewhere, that was the best 10 mins I've had in ages!


steve said...

Thank you Mrs Greenwood! I've been slowly forging my way into women's shoemaking (after being inspired to give it a go when you posted those dancing shoes you made) and this was just what I needed to watch over a sunday coffee to get me all motivated again!

I have offered my services as a prize for a raffle, and today i'm off to meet the winner for a measure and design coversation (gulp)... watching this has made it a little less daunting!


Sarah said...


Sarah said...

Whoops! As a John Fluevog fan, I loved this clip! Thanks so much for sharing! Although the use of the knife scared me a little.