Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shoes of one's own

The little lady finally fits into the very first pair of shoes I made her brother, all those years ago. They are so darn cute, and soft, and handmade - I get such a thrill out of seeing my kids in shoes that I've made.

It's inevitable that Hazel will be wearing a few of Leo's hand-me-downs, but the styling and colours on his are rather boyish, and so I'm cooking up ideas for her little feet. Plus they were born in opposite seasons, so where he was heading into winter at this age, she is now heading into summer.

I recalled a project in Pip's first book that was about babies' slippers, so last week I rifled through my napkin collection, dusted off the domestic machine and swore my way through the making of these. Yes I still hate sewing with fabric, no I am not getting the iron out to press seams, but I did a victory dance when they were finished! Since then I have been loving her little feet twirling away in them, as if she's showing them off and admiring them, and I dare say I may venture forth and make a few more pairs.

I have relented on the whole pink/girlie colours issue, although we are not going fully saccharine, my favourite colours for her at the moment are minty green with pink. Bless!

My Mum got her these ridiculously fabulous sandals recently, and she is already doing the socks/sandals combo that Leo and I love to sport - our daggy yet super-comfy family tradition.

Listening to: Eli Paperboy Reed - Come and Get It


Sally said...

Gorgeous. Totally gorgeous - all of it. Leo's shoes, Hazel's slippers, the mint & pink, ... and today even the socks and sandals. Gorgeous I tell ya.

Janine said...

Oh yay! Loving the little slippers, loving the hand-me-downs, and I think socks are a must with sandals! I'm working on the Bean's first pair of leather shoes at the moment... nothing as fancy as your creations but still, I'm excited.
I too am struggling with the whole girlie pink issue, so much so the Bean is often mistaken for a boy...
Love your work!

Mainichi said...

Em those sweet shoes of Leo's are adorable....Miss Hazel is looking so grown up! Dxx