Friday, November 5, 2010

Deck the halls

Did you notice that it's November? In other words next month is December, which means that my 6 year old is already counting down to Christmas. We do love a festive occasion, and all the trimmings, accoutrements and doo-dads that go along with it. Even though we live in a place that is often so darn HOT at the end of the year, we still love all the traditional imagery that is normally associated with a Northern hemisphere Christmas.

In the spirit of things, I have been madly making my Christmas range since July, I am honestly almost sick of it. Time in the studio is hard to find, as my 7 month old sidekick is a bit too young for glue-sniffing. I have discovered that a shoehorn will only hold her attention for 2 minutes, a leather keyring for an additional 3 mins, and alas, the flickering light through the whirly roof ventilator is only a passing attraction.

Evenings have been spent watching TV while wielding my glue stick (hard to say fast), organising my ebay-ed stamp collection into gift tags. I LOVE THESE! They come in small or large, and each tag features a well-travelled Christmas postage stamp. I have been collecting them from many different countries and adore seeing the ways in which Christmas is celebrated
worldwide. The selection includes traditional festive, religious and contemporary themes.

Small tags - 10 for $12 here.

Large tags 10 for $15 here.

In addition to jazzing up the prezzies, I have also got the tree covered. Behold my awesome blurb as seen on my promotional material...

"The leather Christmas decorations come in three designs; Tree, Owl, and Bauble. Each design is made from kid leather, the Trees and Baubles are top stitched and adorned with Swarovski crystals, and the Owls feature overlaid details and eyelets. Available in gold, metallic red, forest green, pewter, and pearl white, these are a tactile treat for the tree or home."

Resist that if you dare!

If you are in Brisbane, get thee to Artisan, if in Cairns make a bee-line for the Cairns Regional Gallery, Craft Vic have a selection too, or if US dollars are your preferred currency (not that there's much difference at the mo) find them at etsy.

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Sandra Eterovic said...

I have seen your decorations around Emma, and I think they're beautiful -- heirlooms that'll get passed down through the generations, unlike the plastic trash that you see everywhere. I can imagine that it would be hard to attain the Christmas spirit in July! Grrr...