Monday, January 3, 2011

At my place today

Tea drinking of course. Today I had my standard Lady Grey for brekkie, then a gunpowder green mid morn, then a genmai cha in the arvo with my fabulous friend Dan. Great to see you Dirkee! I may have a lemon and ginger this evening, as I fold laundry and watch some West Wing (a Xmas pressie from sister Kate).

Seed saving. These are from a plant which my mother calls Honesty. I wish it had another name, let's call it the seed-rattle bush. I gave these to Hazie in the yard today to use as a rattle, but she was more interested in climbing up and standing alongside the trampoline. She is ambitious with her standing, I have to be with her at all times to steady her, but even with my supervision she is bruised all over. Glad they make babies so tough!

Leo's lego is caged inside the playpen, we figured that Hazie should be able to roam free, so the small choking-hazard bits of plastic are fenced off. She stands on the outside bellowing to be let in, before reaching in to steal a handful.

Small girl loves to sit on the floor tasting things, which could be a dubious past time considering the state of my floors. Let's hope that her immune system is getting a boost. We have piles of 'stuff' on the floor in every room to amuse her.

Frankie. Catching up on a bit of holiday reading as I drink tea and listen to the cricket. The other day I FINALLY finished Vanity Fair. 743 pages of Mr Thackeray's sometimes frilly prose, I also watched the movie and Pip's copy of the BBC miniseries. I am all Vanity Faired out. Trying to adjust to William Gibson's new-ish offering Zero History, but it's taking a bit of acclimatising.

Choc, choc and more choc. My sis gave me this greek beauty yesterday. Almonds, hence the blossoms.

Grapes, colouring in, learning alphabets. There has also been a huge consumption of cherries at our place.

Hey there you have it, a day at our place in early Jan 2011. Happy birthday to all the fine Capricornians I know, I fear that you get forgotten in all the Xmas New Years' palaver. I'm thinking of you!!

Listening to: Prince - The Everlasting Now live!!


Kate said...

I don't drink tea much but I do love cherries. And I had no idea that plant was called honesty but when we made the paper for our wedding invitations, we chucked handfulls of those seed poddy things into the mix. They looked awesome! Happy times at yours. I especially love that the play pen is used to keep the baby out, too cute.
Wishing you and the fam so many happy and merry times this year.

Janine said...

Vanity Fair is one of my all time favourite novels... I think I've ploughed through it at least twice... think I gave up halfway through the third time! Never seen the movie or the series though, worth a look?

I love the 'free range Hazel' idea... too cute for words. I have heard of people doing their ironing or similar baby hazardous activities inside a playpen... Lego is a new one!

Happy new year, hope it's a fabulous one for you!

Toru said...

Hi again:)
My boy read through all of your boys blog! I've added a link from Toru if that ok?