Sunday, January 9, 2011

Old Things

This weekend has seen us at the Museum, hiding from the heat, and also my neighbour has been cleaning out his ancient shed. So we have been mingling with 'old things' as I have been calling them.

Melbourne Museum's display of kitchenalia, I had ramekins just like these but they were trashed in my sharehouse days.

John Rodriguez's textile designs from the 60's. I'm coveting that apple tea towel.

Medals on rather splendid ribbons.

And here we have the stash from Dan, my neighbour. He and his sister Kate live next door in their Great Aunt's old house. They recently sold it and are now cleaning it all out, and we have managed to come away with some really amazing treats. The house still has embossed wallpaper and floral carpet from the 1940's, the kitchen and bathroom are original, they even have an old Kelvinator fridge from the 50's. It's too good, like walking onto a set.

Check out not only my fabulous new nail colour, but also this teeny feather. Aw shucks.

A comprehensive list of tartans. I wish us Greenwoods had a tartan.

Tins, tins and more tins! The tobacco ones still have that particular smell, the brush on the far right is a beauty, and I'm guessing from the amount of Laxettes tins that they could have done with some prunes....

Old pickle jars with bakelite lids, metal measuring tape, enamelled soap dishes, old door handles, enamelled mugs, phew, we also have old brooms, rakes, seeds saved over the years, clothes drying racks, linen cupboard, an upholstered armchair, shoe polishing brushes, embroidery scissors, padlocks, woodworking tools, saws - it's just as well I am not planning on moving house anytime soon.

I have been thinking of my Grandpa, his shed smelled just the same, of oil, rust, cardboard, timber and dust. Wishing that I had known my Grandpa better, and thinking that no matter how treasured the objects, they lose a certain something once they are removed from their original setting.

Listening to: Dick Van Dyke - Hushabye Mountain


Margaret said...

My daughter has discovered the joys of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and loves to sing along to the songs in the movie.

Shaheen said...

I really enjoyed lookign at the Kitchenalia and those fantastic patterns.

Siobhan C said...

Oh yes, you have many tins, ripe for biscuiting.