Thursday, January 13, 2011


Her babies hatched! They are so teeny but they sure can move fast. Now I hope that they all find alternative accommodation, as they have built their web on my blind and I would love to open it without disturbing them.

Yeah yeah, buntings been done, it's so old-hat why would you bother? But have you ever seen patent leather bunting? Didn't think so. In three different sizes? Nope, that's just me and my ridiculous need to use every single scrap of leather.

Helen I am so ready to last your shoes, I just need a good 90 mins without threat of interruption by small peeps. Negotiating with potential child-minders is in progress.

How about this book given to me by Aunty Jenny, I wonder what joys are contained within?

I want these pants sooo bad! I would wear them all the freaking time! Oh man it hurts to want them this much.

Gotta have a shot of the open book, featuring painted nails and awesome embroidery templates.
Hand holding the book open shots are du jour right now, don'tcha know?

Yes I really do need all these ruling devices, I'm obsessed by millimeters remember?

Listening to: Ernest Ranglin - Below the Bassline


Toru said...

I'm feeling inspired to get out my nail varnish.

Pleased (sort of) the babies have hatched. If they are anything like the baby birds we keep getting nested by our windows and doors they should be all grown up and off into the big wide world very soon.

Janine said...

LOVING those pants...

Not so keen on the spiders, however, babies or not...

Janine said...

Oh, and one can never have too many ruling devices!

paula said...

good gracious, that love of spiders is admirable but alas i cannot share that with you. fingers crossed they don't migrate westerly to ours. although they'd meet many potential mates here... now about the pants, can we make them and you embroider them or something? you must have them.