Friday, March 4, 2011

On my bedside table

Without further ado, Mr Charley Harper.

We are currently having a Charley Harper festival, with nesting blocks for Hazel, and a big jigsaw for Leo.

If you do not have this hefty book, hot foot it over to The Book Depository, and grab a beautiful big copy. It is joy on paper.

425 pages.

Mosaic brilliance!

More mosaic. Federal Building Cincinnati 1964.

'Mystery of the missing migrants' 1990

Posters for National Parks, which Charley was very passionate about.

Celebrated and out of print. 1961!


Kitty said...

I too am loving Mr Harper!
I have some vintage encyclopedia's with his illustrations throughout.
I must get me this book, mustn't I. It really is a need.
I hope you & you're family are well & happy.
Kitty x

Ramona said...

Love him. I desperately want to buy the embroidery kits from Purl Bee that feature his birds!

Unknown said...

Glad to share the love for Mr Harper, I must look up those embroidery kits.

els martens said...


Lucy said...

I'm a big fan of Charley Harper! I love his graphic style - very cool collection of books :)