Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Last day of school holidays

While Hazel has her lunchtime snooze, Leo and I have been indulging in cups of peppermint tea, snacking on Easter loot, reading books, magazines, and activity books, which are Leo's new fave. Join the dots anyone?

Baking cheesy muffins in anticipation of lunchbox filling. Hello goldfish in the background!

Hazel's birthday cards from 2 weeks ago, nearly time to pack them away.

Tulips rescued from Aldi for a whopping $2.99. Easter lillies from Grandpa Graham.

I will miss my Leo again when he's back at school, he's great for conversation. Hazie is still getting there, she says 'up' and points to the sky when she hears a plane, helicopter or bird. That will have to do for now, I'm sure in years to come she will be a real chatterbox, and I'll be pleading for some quiet!

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