Sunday, April 24, 2011

End of season

'Twas with a sad heart that I ripped out the tomatoes today, they have been so abundant, as you can see. Alas, now they are all straggly and it's time to consider what to put in over the cooler months.
Methinks I shall not have much time, or inclination, to be out in the garden over winter, plus our yard gets a lot of shade at this time of year. I have put a few bulbs in, and some rogue garlic has surfaced, but essentially we're lying fallow this season, and will burst back with something in spring.
We have a few avocadoes on the tree, waiting to be knocked loose with a loooong handled broom. Herbs aplenty, and our first ever lemons soon to be ripe - trés exciting. How's your yard? Any Autumn colour? Hope that you are enjoying these sunny crisp days, and that you are rationing the Easter loot in a sensible manner.

Listening to: Plan B - She Said


Ramona said...

we have snow peas appearing and still plenty of herbs. Not much else. Your tomato crop looks incredible!

Unknown said...

We had a bumper crop of tomatoes this season. Now the pumpkin has gone absolutely mad, though nothing edible yet.

Our mint is gorgeous, the corn did all right for a first crop, though was picked too soon.

The other night I made a thai green barramundi curry with our home grown zucchini, tomatoes and mint being main ingredients.