Thursday, April 14, 2011

Talking yarn

I used to be a dedicated knitter. I wasn't into fancy stitches, just plain thanks, but over a number of years I made beanies for all of my friends, and even attempted a garment or two.

When Leo was a babe, a friend at Mothers' Group taught me to crochet, and from then on I was converted. Only one stitch on the hook! Such lacy effects with no wizardry! Three dimensions! I wondered if I'd ever knit again, I honestly didn't feel any affinity with the needles anymore.

A few weeks ago I was at Clegs in East Brunswick, looking for some tasty yarn to crochet into something fabulous for Hazel. I spied Cleckheaton Country Tartan, a variegated yarn in a mauve/blue/magenta/turquoise blend, and my reaction to it stunned me.

That's it, 3rd from the right!

When I heard it command - KNIT ME - I could only obey. It made perfect sense to knit this yarn, to crochet would have lost the variegation, no, this yarn needed a flat fabric to show off its multicoloured goodness, the fabric that only stocking stitch can provide.

Here I am a month later, happily knitting and purling my way through a zip-up hoodie. I started with some short 4mm needles, but my style of knitting is apparently akin to that of an Eastern European woman - that is, I tuck my right needle firmly under my arm like a bagpipe, so I went to the local oppie and got some longer needles. Ecco a lei!

This garment will always remind me of what I watched while making, hence West Wing memories, ah CJ Cregg you are a Goddess!

PS. I have just been looking for images of women knitting the way I do, and I can't find any. Now I am paranoid about my technique, I just can't hold two needles out in front away from my body. What is your style?


Kate said...

Hee hee, I knew you'd come over to our side before too long. Looking' good.
Have an ace week.

Unknown said...

I don't knit, but kudos to you! Looking lovely.

Ramona said...

such great weather for knitting now too. Happy birthday to miss H too!

paula said...

i had no idea clegs had yarn. i think i might have selective craft blindness perhaps and just dont see it. love the zip up hoodie idea.

Hosted Services said...

Nice work!