Wednesday, July 27, 2011

On my bedside table

NYC = my favourite place in the whole world.
Sibella Court = fabulous Aussie stylist who lived in NYC for 10ish years.
'The Stylist's Guide to NYC'= her address book of amazing shops, places to eat/drink, museums, suppliers and inspirations.

From the super-embossed cover, the Moleskine-esque pockets, the elastic bookmark, the divine earthy paper and that quintessential good book smell, not to mention all of the gobsmacking places to visit, it's official, I'm in love.

Listed in sections such as Scents and Flower Merchants, Haberdashery and Handmade, Art and Objets, Sibella has a map and an itinerary which includes coffee and sustenance along the way. She includes handy tips for visiting NYC, (carry flats and heels), phone numbers and zip codes, a big pull-out map, and great photos and descriptions.

I'm planning my next holiday there based around this book.
Hurrah for the current exchange rate!

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Cherie said...

This fabulous book opened doors for us in NYC ... book in hand we followed Sibella's maps, writings and suggestions, we met and talked to so many wonderful people from the book!
Do it, make sure you have the book in hand and may I come with you please, my yearning to return to NYC grows more and more each day ♥