Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 2

Working on a pandanus basket with a perpendicular weave.

The fabulous Grace getting started on a pair of earrings. 'Scuse the blurry photo, she was a flurry of fierce weaving, all action!

I loved how Grace was anchoring the work using her legs and feet, when it got too long she put more tension on. Clever.

When I'm with these women I can feel the pacific sunshine :)

Almost done with the freaking hand stitching. Maryann added crystals to my crocheted neckpiece and voila, we have crossed one item off the list!

Materials and crucial items (chocolate, thermos of gunpowder green tea). I love that our messy desks, and floor spaces are telling a story, and that we don't have to clean up each day.

In other news, Hazel locked my Mum out of the house today. Apparently dear Granny ran 1km to Sam's studio to alert him to the situation, they raced back in time to rescue her as she teetered on a kitchen chair, trying to reach something.

I almost wish that they hadn't told me! How freaky, having to leave her here on her own...

PS. Blogging every day is taxing. Pip Lincolne, how do you do it?

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