Monday, August 29, 2011

New Week, New Work

Today was busy for Maryann and I, we both got into our separate grooves and for a while there was no chat, just concentration and crafting. Here are Maryann's manicured hands getting busy on the sash for our Queen.

May I just say that we have been discussing this sash for so long, and it's fantastic to see it taking shape. The weave is quite complex, the materials are all different, so Maryann has her work cut out for her, keeping it all neat and even. That's her specialty.

I found my groove out on the freezing fire escape, where I choose to do my glue sniffing, and accidental peeking into the neighbouring apartments. I love love love covering insoles, wedges and heels, it's like wrapping up a present.

Maryann's homework over the weekend was to weave these tiny ribbon stars into the wedge cover. Gorgeous. Now my homework is to prepare and attach the sole, insole, sock etc.

Tomorrow and Weds I shall be in for a short day, Miss Hazel will be coming with me as I am sans babysitter. Big thanks to Granny Col for helping so far.

I am hoping that Hazie will sleep in the pram, tucked away in the store room behind our studio, although the music from Adele Varcoe's tent is fairly overpowering, it's sending us bonkers!


Toru said...

Been catching up on ur posts, I hardly have time for blogging now with my gorgeous wee girl here. But had to check in what you were up to. Would love to come to the exhibition but doubting I can. I LOVE seeing what your collaborations are looking like and reading and seeing the process work. So keep up the posts and photos!
It's crazy doing this stuff with kids - but you are doing it! Well done :)

Sandra Eterovic said...

Hi Emma,
I was SO looking forward to this and I hope I haven't missed it, though I think I have....So lovely to read your posts and to see the photos, it almost feels as though I was there. Looking forward to seeing how the cross pollination influences your future projects too!!!