Sunday, August 21, 2011


How to fit all of this (and then some) into my car, and then lug it down to Gallery 3 at Craft Vic?

Packing for these open studios can be so frustrating, trying to replicate my studio in another location, it's often a case of just bring EVERYTHING and see how it goes.

Unfortunately bringing everything means that I spend 5 hrs faffing about at the other end, pulling things out of my suitcases, milling about, chasing my tail.

Maryann seems to have her car boot permanently stuffed with goodies, so she can pick and choose. Thankfully we are getting better at the milling about, tail chasing et al.

As of tomorrow we are in situ, getting busy with our hands in the best possible way. Things will get moved about, many things will be works in progress, and we hope that all of you can drop by and hang out for a while.

On the Hazel sleep front, good news. I've been camping out next to her bed, at first reaching in and patting, then progressively moving my mattress further away and just shushing her when she wakes.

Girlfriend sleeps from 7pm till 3-4am, and then again till 7ish. Bliss - no crying - lots of love - camping out rules. I am still in her room but am hoping to be in my bed this week. Fingers crossed she's learned the fine art of sleeping. Isn't is amazing how much more you enjoy your kids when they sleep well?!

Listening to: Ennio Styles' Stylin' 500 Compilation. Free download y'all, it's a winner.


Kitty said...

Hmmm... I hope you've got a big boot (ha, boot, unintentional pun, sorry about that. I'm slightly humoured in this early morning haze.)
I'm glad the sleep thing is getting a little easier. We're in a good patch at the moment. I haven't tried camping out before, just the shush & pat game.
Night waking really takes it out of you, makes mama ca-razy in the head.
Remember to take those super deep breaths. It's the one thing that calms me & fortunately calms Huckle too.
I hope you have an awesome week. One of these days I'll get my butt into gear & check you out. Not in a "hey there" way, just in a ... oh you know what I mean. Did I mention my early morning haze? Ha.
Take care dear lady.

dell said...

Ooh look at all that rainbow. Love!

Unknown said...

Thanks fab ladies. You both have great taste!