Saturday, August 6, 2011

It has begun!

August is the month for Craft Cubed, Craft Victoria's annual festival of all things Craft.
It's a huge month, with so many in-house shows and workshops, plus numerous satellite shows and affiliated stores doing pop ups, open studios etc. Have a look at the program and book in a few visits!

As you can tell from the above (crappy) pics ( I blame the fact that I was toting Hazel on one hip), Maryann and I have top billing in the window, alongside the illustrious pairing of Alexi Freeman and Tessa Blazey. These guys are highly polished, providing the ultimate contrast to Maryann and I, who seem rather organic, textural and riotously coloured in comparison.

We have a long list of pieces to tackle for our residency, and are acutely aware that not all of them will be finished by the end. However, we are determined not to stress, it's all about process and sharing after all.

Funnily enough I have no mojo for the shoes at the moment, I'd rather sit down on Maryann's mats and crochet the beautiful dress I have planned. One reason for this, I think, is that shoemaking is so darn technical, requiring machines, hand tools and toxic glues, it seems rather antisocial in a way, almost the opposite of the way in which Maryann creates her work.

Perhaps I will take a leaf out of her book, and change the way I would normally make shoes, so that the project really influences my method. Stay tuned for updates, we don't take up official squatter's privileges until Aug 22nd.

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