Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I have slowly unpacked my bags from Craft Vic, everything is back in it's place and I have a Queen in my studio, standing proudly in the finery which Maryann and I made. It's strange to go from seeing Maryann everyday to not seeing her at all - I MISS YOU LADY!

So here are the finished wedges, called Kokonuti, pronounced similarly to Coconut Tea, which is the ceremony our Queen was dressing up for. The wedge cover is woven pandanus, commonly used throughout the Pacific, with ribbon stars threaded into the weave. The insole is covered with pigskin suede, soooo soft, the strap is woven from leather strips and green satin ribbon, with studs made from a shiny red seed that I will find out the name of. The toe stars are also leather, and the sock has a cute detail of some Samoan shell stamps. How's that for an alliterative sentence?!

For more amazing pics of our final days at CV, including one of me looking angelic wearing a flower wreath go here. Thanks to Kim for all the pics and to all at CV for their support and giggles.


Out of the frying pan into the fire - that's how we roll.

From one busy artist parent to another, our family deadline for Sam's show is tomorrow! He's been up all night for days, weeks, months, and is flying to Sydney in the morn to install his show at New Albion Gallery.

I have been kidwrangling with the help of my awesome Mum, they are off at the Museum as I type. It's so much easier with an extra adult around, we don't want Granny to go back to Adelaide but I fear that this weekend she is departing :(

More projects simmering away, I'll tell you more soon, now I need to go and monitor some media to bring in a bit of much needed $$.


Sandra Eterovic said...

The shoes look beautiful Emma. I hope that you will show more of your unpackings too.

Unknown said...

These seem so origami inspired, beautiful!

Toru said...

Those shoes are so great. What a brilliant time this is for you.
Your busy but its all 'good' busy.
Bit envious... I'm busy but not at all in any creative sort of way!