Wednesday, January 18, 2012

High-vis mayhem

 Somehow all of this.......

....has turned into this!

This Thurs and Fri I'm doing a bike accessories workshop, using high-vis materials from Reverse Art Truck, organised by The Squeaky Wheel.

I've come up 3 or 4 projects, starting with a belt, which is pretty easy. I've stitched the lengths together (first image) and we just rivet on the buckles.

The next project is a mandala on the front wheel of the kids' bikes (they are all teenagers), so this may take a bit longer. After much trial and error I've finished mine, and hope it stays together in the heat. Am pretty darn happy with the result though!

I've also made a shield/plate for the front, inspired by a BMX race-plate. Leo's bike is modelling it in the 6th and 7th images.

We just whipped up a few keyrings, and I think I'm done, now I have to pack my bags and load up the bike for the ride into town tomorrow. Wish me luck!


Stylosophism said...

I love your blog!
So nice.

Helen said...

I love those spoke reflectors!