Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gorgeous and/or green

 My girl in her awesome bathers. Nothing better than a paddle pool on a 35 degree day, kept them entertained for hours!

 My boy is gummy again! Hazel pushed out his second top wobbler, it was a bit like a cat-flap for the last few days, really gross!

 Our gargantuan 1.375 kilo zucchini, we have used it in a cake, in a pasta and still have some left. A gorgeous plant to grow, such huge leaves and pretty flowers.

My soon-to-be-delivered Tree Top Green Asics. Oh boy I want them to hurry up!


pen said...

would you curse to me if I bought the same shoes?
I lurve the green/pink combo......
I want them!

Unknown said...

You are making me dream of summertime! Here it is pouring down rain and trying to snow. Cute kiddos and those shoes...amazing!!

dell said...

I also Love the shoes, but what I want is bathers like Hazel.