Friday, March 30, 2012


Stella Young is the esteemed editor of Ramp Up, which  is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's website featuring news, discussion, debate and humour for everyone in Australia's disability communities.

Stella uses a wheelchair and does not walk, but she feels very strongly about wearing shoes, you can read her piece about shoes here.

Her feet are the same size as my son Leo, so she has been wearing kids' shoes up until now. We have been working on a new pair of boots for her, in the softest and most fragrant leather, here's the progress so far!

If you  have any questions regarding the techniques or processes shown below, please let me know, I'm just feeling too lazy to caption each shot (it's Friday, I've had a migraine, blech).

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Anna Zagala said...

Emma, they are beautiful! Just a really foxy pair of shoes befitting any woman. You are so talented. Sometimes I feel like people don't know how to make or even repair things anymore. I am sitting around with tape around my glasses at the moment waiting for a new pair. But desperate went into an optometrists today for HELP and they couldn't do anything. They don't even carry glue! They are just in the business of retail...