Tuesday, April 10, 2012


 Small girl models crocheted dress which is far too big! Put it in the cupboard for another year.

 Leo loved this window display on Lygon St.

 Making a small owl softie from the Owl Know How book. We have been loving this story, the kids have been watching the animation many times a day, the Easter Bunny gave them the book, and to top it all off we saw the exhibition at No Vacancy on Sunday.
Amazing to see the handcrafted scenes, all so detailed and scrumptious, gold star to Cat Rabbit and Isobel Knowles.

 My gorgeous boy leaning against the Deborah Halpern sculpture in Birrarung Marr.

Birthday Girl Hazie Dazie!
She really knows how to party, she welcomed everybody with hugs and kisses, very gregarious indeed.
The only emotional moment was when we all sang Happy Birthday, and she had a big cry with all the attention focussed on her, BLESS!

Her cake, with wobbly icing writing, I must say it's refreshing to make a cake that isn't a robot or rocket.

We also have Granny visiting for the holidays, the kids thrive on the extra company, esp when Mum and Dad have deadlines and are trying to finish work amidst all the public holidays (there's no such thing as a public holiday when you're self-employed!).

Saw Pirates: Band of Misfits on Saturday, we do adore the Aardman creations and are eagerly awaiting the Wallace and Gromit exhibition at Scienceworks in May.

Far too much chocolate in the house, we had to put it on top of the fridge, as Hazel is a fiend for 'chuggit' , and was in a sugar coma by 9am on Easter Sunday.

Daycare resumed today, hurrah for that, and Leo is visiting Scienceworks with Granny, so it's just me in the house, serenity now!

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