Monday, March 12, 2012

What the?

The other night I was watching West Wing and digging through my books for a cardigan pattern for Hazel. I haven't indulged in any evening crafting for ages, it is odd that I haven't had a project, but my fingers are now itching to knit a brown and raspberry cardi for my gal.

I have far too many patterns to choose from, but am whittling it down, and have started a burgundy crocheted mini dress, to be worn with a skivvy and tights, such a good look if you are almost 2.

I showed this page to Sam and he burst out laughing, I was wondering what exactly 'a triumph for fantasy' meant, but he was more amused by the radiant sun boob thingy. It reminds me of the hypno toad from Futurama.


pen said...

please make the hyptnotoad boob vest! pleeease?!

paula said...

fairly sure i had the singletty shaped thing. and that mum called it a tank top. pretty sure also, that it looked stupid x 10.