Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Wow - these sure took a long time to cook.

I lasted them a while ago, and just couldn't figure out what sole to put on, my options were to go for a straight-up sneaker sole (been there, done that), or to do a more traditional men's-style sole and heel (ditto).

Essentially I wanted to try something new, and after a lot of ruminating/thinking time I decided to do a covered wedge sole. This meant a lot of time on the sanding machine, a bit of testing, a lot of measuring.

Yesterday Tom came in to do some more filming as I covered them. I'm sure I was making the face of extreme concentration - how flattering!

This morning the soles went on, I cleaned them up a bit, and got all excited to see the fringe fanning out just as I had planned. Drats that I can't wear them till Tom comes back to do the final shots!

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Unknown said...

Amazing! Those are like a dressed up tennie! I love seeing your shoes, I can't imagine how much time and attention to detail it must take to make them look so dang perfect!