Monday, May 14, 2012


Four hundred and something posts after starting this blog, I am finally offering my first giveaway!

I'm sharing the joy that is a Postage Belt, and this one is a beauty.
Dark chocolate brown leather with Leafy Sea Dragon stamps (circa 1985), silver buckle and seven fitting options. This one is a medium, to fit the average Aus size 10 - 14 waist.

The leafy sea dragon (Phycodurus eques) is one of two species of sea dragon found in Australia's southern waters and nowhere else in the world, the other being the weedy sea dragon. Despite its fearsome name, it is incredibly beautiful in shape and colouring and its camouflaging appendages give it a fragile appearance. It is a relative of the seahorse and belongs to the pipefish family Sygnathidae. (From Marine Parks WA)

In the spirit of postage I'm happy to send this anywhere in the world, so leave your comments below by midnight Wednesday AEST time, give or take. I'd love you to let us all know where you live, and tell us what is great about your town/city/universe.

I'll go first; I live in Melbourne, and at the moment the autumn leaves are super-stunning, and a bit soggy after this weekend's rain.

I am off to see Prince Tues night, and am staying in the city overnight with my man, so by the end of Weds I'll be randomly generating a winner.

Stay warm if you're in the southern hemisphere, enjoy the sun if you're in the north!


Sally-Ann Bearman said...

OK so first holla needs to count for something, right?!
I live in Adelaide - the city of churches, of stobie poles and of Unley High School where I met the ever beautiful and talented you, some 25 years(ish) ago.
I am very envious that you get to see Prince on Tuesday but so happy to hear that you are making a night of it with your man!
If I was to win this stunning belt I would wear it with absolute pride and tell anyone who would listen that you made it! If I don't win it I will still boast about your awesomeness - win / win either way!
Love to you Em xxxx

Sally said...

Love love love that belt. YAY for a giveaway I say.
I live in Perth - the world's most isolated city. Parcels and regular mail take forever to get here and even express delivery doesn't get here the next day.
It is beautifully warm here where I live. We still haven't needed to put the heater on this autumn. The beaches are beautiful year round and never crowded by eastern state standards.
I love stamps. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

Victoria Mason said...

I live in melbourne too! I get to spend my days at work with my dog Peggy, she's not up for small-talk but is always good company.
I can't wait to hear how Prince was, i have tickets but it's not for another 2 WEEKS! i'll just have to practice my chair-dancing until then.
Your belt will make someone very happy!! good luck people!

Unknown said...

Yay to you Sal, beautiful memories indeed. Treats headed your way in the post!

Unknown said...

Hi Vic! Prince was so awesome I am trying to get another ticket for the night you are going. Dress in layers, it was very sweaty the other night!

Unknown said...

Sally from Perth is the winner! I love the sound of your warm Perth autumn, that place seems to be sunny all the time.