Friday, May 18, 2012

My evening with Prince

Prada crocheted bags

Prada and I are on the same wavelength!

Gorgeous spectrum of balloons at Craft Vic, from Made by Mosey
Hello from the 47th floor!

Princey Pants strutting, what a show!

Breakfast please Jeeves

Sam and I escaped the house of toddler tantrums and went to the Sofitel on Tuesday night.

We had dinner at Pellegrini's, best watermelon granita ever, and then wandered down to the Town Hall for an Arts Grants meeting.

On our way back up Collins St I took these window shots at Louis Vuitton and Prada, I'm gobsmacked by those shoes and wish they came in white.

We giggled at the view from our room, sat in the dark eating chocolate, mesmerised by our own city. Usually we are shut away inside after dark, and it was such a treat to get out and have our own agenda, instead of the relentless schedule of kid routine.

Walked down to Rod Laver Arena, sat down in our nearly back row seats, and 5 mins later we were giggling again at the sheer spectacle of Prince in all his glory. Best 3 hour sweat-fest of dancing EVER! I am going again to see him on the 30th, it was so worth the hefty price. I saw him 9 years ago but don't remember dancing so much, I'm still dancing around the house!

Hope that some of you have seen Prince before, or maybe you have tickets to see his other shows in Aus? He really is an amazing artist, I hope I am as sprightly as him when I'm 53!

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