Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Argyle Hero Boots


Some quick studio photos in the afternoon light.

Had a tense day yesterday making the heels, I wanted them to be offset and so the angles and measurements were messing with my brain. I lost my way for a while and had to reign myself back in and get methodical about it.

It's OK to make one heel, but to replicate it perfectly again is always a challenge. If I was making more of these I would cast the heel and have a mold to use again, but I just wanted to get these done, and attached and OFF MY LIST!

Now off to sew uppers for Stella before the kids come back home......no rest for the wicked!


emily said...

wow wow wow!
These boots are amazing! Bravo! I've enjoyed watching them evolve too. Those heels are fantastic, are they painted wood?
(I'm enjoying your blog, I've been lurking for a while)

Unknown said...

Hi Emily, thanks for your comment, the heels are leather covered timber.

hArtist said...

Hi Emma, these boots are amazing, and a little disorientating with the style of the heel. Talented lady you are :-)
I have a blog too if you want to be nosy...http://kellygatchellhartley.blogspot.com
See you round the school yard