Tuesday, July 31, 2012


 I am a bit cheeky, and perhaps lazy, in stealing this post from Craft Vic

Tatau #6: Emma Greenwood

words: Hahna Busch, photo: Beth Nellie

Inspired by the upcoming Tatau exhibition for Craft Cubed 2012, Craft has been intrigued to discover more about the diversity in tattooing across Melbourne. So we got out and about to meet some locals with unique tattoos and unique stories to tell. Here is a snapshot of one of the inked individuals we profiled…

From 4 August, all 12 of our profiled guests will have their photograph exhibited in From Tatau to Tattoo at NGV Studio, Federation Square. More information about the exhibition and project can be found on the Craft website here, including registrations for a tattoo by guest artists Tricia Allen, Pat Morrow and Simon Wilson. From August you will also be able to read the full editorial pieces on our tattooees. Stay tuned to The Craft Blog, for more tattoo profiles over the next couple of weeks.


Artist: Geordie Cole, Tattoo Magic
Tattooist: Geordie Cole, Tattoo Magic

WHO: Emma Greenwood – shoemaker and creative extraordinaire

WHAT: A depiction of swirling blue waves breaking into foam, inspired by traditional Japanese woodblock artists, and similar to Hokusai’s Great Wave of Kanagawa image.

WHY: Emma’s tattoo was a tangible expression of her love for the colour blue and her passion for the traditional style of the Japanese woodblock artwork. It is “the one” image she is prepared to wear for life.

WHEN: Emma got her tattoo in 2000 when she was inspired and surrounded by tattoo culture. The artwork covers an old tattoo done in her teenage years, and was recently retouched.

WHERE: The long-searched for artist trusted with doing the piece was Geordie Cole of Tattoo Magic.

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