Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lovely lasting

First I handskived my leather stiffeners, built up my last a bit, and added the cone and ankle build-ups. When you make a boot you have to allow for more room in the ankle area, so these extras are tacked on. I have some plastic ones, but have made many others from veg tanned leather. I usually keep all that stuff in a box, so I can rummage through and see what fits each last, when I need them.

Then I checked out the proportions by resting the upper sitting loosely on the last. Take note of my heel block; Hazel's clamshell phone and a slice of plastic toast.

 I tested a new pair of leather shears on heavy duty 5ml veg tan soling leather. I found these beauties at Northern Sharpening in Coburg, I needed to get a new bandsaw blade and George said he would MAKE me a new one from industrial steel, not 'hobby' steel, which he said my old one was made from. Profesh.

They are amazing, like a great pair of secateurs, but for leather. I'm gobsmacked that such a thing exists, I've always used bandsaws or a Landis cutter.
I had to cover the upper in plastic, to avoid getting glue, dirt etc on them. They are the tallest boots I've lasted, so there was a lot of leg hanging around, if you know what I mean.
Just illustrating how useful a lap can be. Sometimes I use a lasting pin to work on, but often it's my lap. A great workout for the adductor muscles in your inner thigh as you squeeze to hold the last firmly.

Hello bandsaw, I am so glad to have you on my bench again. This baby was at Sam's for a while, but after some huffing and puffing and possibly one strained muscle, it's back with me. Watched a few youtube tutorials on bandsaw blade changing, just to check that I did it right. Those videos are awesome, I wish I knew a lot of those informative blokes.
All this action while wearing my Tron boots from a few years back. I try to keep my exhibition pieces in perfect nick, packed safely for another show and tell day. But I've been wanting to wear these long boots to keep me warm and look robotic. Thanks to Sync for the collab.

 Done. Gold star to me!

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