Thursday, September 27, 2012

Melbourne Medical Museum

My son and significant other both have a keen interest in medical models and associated apparatus; microscopes, anatomical drawings, surgical tools etc. We read about the Melbourne Medical Museum last month, and bookmarked a visit in our diary, they are open during the week and on Saturday afternoons, so we combined it with a trip to Lygon St for icecream.

Located on Level 2 of the Brownless Biomedical Library, Melbourne University Gate 10 on Grattan St, we went up the spiral staircase past studious Saturday peeps, all hushed in the library, a foreign concept for our Hazel.

It's only a small room, but we loved the gorgeous old cabinets, velvet-lined cases with surgical tools, old porcelain medicine bottles, fancy medals and the fabulous old pharmacy staffed by the lovely lady above. No dodgy sunnies or jellybeans for sale there!

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