Thursday, September 20, 2012


The fashion writers are describing the lastest collection from Rodarte like a Game of Thrones tribute, indeed after the show Kate Mulleavy said "This collection for us was about medieval fantasy roll playing games.”

I love it! I've had an interest in armour and sci-fi for a while now, so this collection just ticked all the boxes for me. Hello Rodarte kindred spirits.

I am a bit obsessed with GoT at the moment, reading book 5 which is an absolute brick, but so addictive. It's my version of crack; I read at the traffic lights, I am Miss Antisocial with her head in a large book. The pages are wafer thin, the print is so small I have to wear glasses to read it, the maps are delicious in their detail, the characters are fabulous, the casting of the HBO show is inspired, you get the point - I'm hooked!

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